Famous Relationship Author Mehran Dadbeh Shares 'How To Move On?'

Find solutions to all your relationship queries.


When a relationship breaks, individuals often feel lost and alone, they seek to find a solution from different sources but hardly get one. As the internet has already turned this big world into a global village, the easy availability of an online support system is pushing the ones looking for relief from their anguish towards asking social media for help. One of the significant sources of inspiration to the younger generation is YouTube.

Author of The Break Up Handbook, Mehran Dadbeh has thousands of subscribers and followers on YouTube who like to listen and share their distress with him. As he is doing it for a long time now, there's no one else who could shed light on this topic better than him.

Recently, an Australian reporter Hailee Walker interviewed Mr. Mehran Dadbeh to understand his idea behind solving major relationship issues via digital communication and this is what he had to say. 

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