20+ Facts From 'The Story Of Diana' That Has Made This World To Crave For More 

Diana's sister, Sarah, was the first love of Prince Charles.   


The wait for the 'People' and ' ABC' network's much-awaited show 'The Story Of Diana' has already ended, and we've got excerpts of all the unbelievable truth from the part one and two. The documentary features an in-depth conversation with the Princess (recorded before her death), while experts on Diana share all the extraordinary events of her life.  

The documentary, which aired on ABC was released on Diana's 20th anniversary of her tragic car accident in which she died at the age of 36. The documentary shows some of the very personal and comprehensive footages from her life that portrays her struggle in the personal life and how she became People's, Princess.  

However, in case you've missed the long and detailed episodes; we at WittyFeed have brought you some of the fascinating facts from her life that may change your perception of her.

Have a look!