Decoded: A Girl's Everyday Life In The Form Of These Accurate Illustrations

*True Story*


Being a girl is tough. Hands down, though. With all that maintenance needed like regular parlour visits, wearing proper bras, going through menstrual cycles, waxing/shaving and what not! And at times, I want to be guys, not that being a girl isn't making me happy but at times, just at times, the thought being a guy and living a hassle-free life like them sounds attractive! 

With the society attaching weird taboos and stigmas with the female clan, it is unfair to us! Nobody questions a guy seeing multiple girls at a time, but a girl doing the same is characterized as a 'whore'! Going through menstrual cycles is treated as a disease and women as untouchable. And the list goes on. Equality is still a far-fetched dream for a lot of girls out there. 

On a lighter note, below mentioned are some honest illustrations by an artist named Cassandra Calin on the everyday life a girl!