Ever Wondered Why Do We Yawn?

Please don't yawn while reading this! 

The reflex epidemic action of yawning! Your mouth is wide open, and eardrums are stretched. You are either too tired, sleepy or bored. All you want is some time for yourself. Yawning is an activity to rejuvenate the brain. Yawning is so infectious that even if you see a stranger yawn, you cannot stop from grabbing a yawn for yourself.

The moment you get bored, yawning is triggered. Not only humans but animals also experience yawning. Thus, it a universal phenomenon.

Try this, the moment you see someone yawning, even you would want to open your mouth wide open. You will be amazed to discover that till you reach the end of this piece, you will have yawned at least once. This is so because even if we see a photo of a yawn, we feel like yawning. 

Read on to find out why do we yawn.