Ever Wondered Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light After Pulling You Over? 

Here's the reason why.


According to various sources on the internet, as from 2014 there are at least 1.2 billion drivers on our roads internationally. As claimed by many polls, surveys and reports, Americans spend an average of around 17,600 minutes driving cars each year; that’s almost a staggering 300 hours per year spent in vehicles alone! Naturally as drivers (all over the world), we try and follow the rules of the road as best we can, yet from time to time we can all expect to be pulled over by a cop. Of course everyone in the world hates being stopped by the police, and even more so being issued traffic tickets due to violations. To make matters even worse, they (cops) tend to have certain routine actions (after pulling us over), that further makes our nerves ‘shot’.

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