Ever Wondered What Will Happen To Your Facebook Profile After Your Death?

Your Facebook handle after you die! 

In what world do you go when you die? It's something that everyone has wondered. Well, we don't have an answer to this, but we do know what happens to your Facebook profile when you die. In the last few years, Facebook has taken the world by storm. It has made the world smaller and solidified itself as an essential tool for staying in touch with those you love, as well as those whom you have met briefly. People have made this virtual world a part of themselves and have accustomed to documenting every detail of their lives.

We are meant to originate, and exit from this world which is a is part of a vast living web of interconnection, but Facebook does not want to end your existence and has created some interesting options that make your profile live forever.

Read below to find out different steps of what you can do to your profile when the time comes.