Ever Wondered What That Crusty Particle In Your Eyes' Corner Says About Your Health?

It's normal, but if getting extreme, please consult a doctor.

We every day wake up with a weird crusty particle in the corner of our eyes. What do you think it is? It is referred as eye boogers or sleepy sands. It's normal to have it in the form of a tiny hard substance as well as a clear or colored liquid. It is made up of mucus, dead skin cells, oil, dust, and bacteria.

Now, what causes such mucus in our eyes? It's actually really simple. When we get tears, it protects and cleans our eye. But when we are asleep, it reduces the chances of tears. And so those tears convert into a semisolid mass or small dry balls. Often it's normal and not harmful to us, but in some conditions, it can be a serious matter.

Since excessive boogers have specific reasons behind it, so here are some tips for you, about what your sleepy sand or eye boogers speak about you.