15 Epic Images Of Divers That Will Make Your Day  

What are Stephan Feck, Qin Kai up to?   


One of the major highlights of aquatics event is the diving competition. Nothing seems to satisfy you more than seeing a diver execute a perfect dive. Olympic games are host to eight diving events. They are 3m and 10m, men and women, individual and synchronized events. 

Obviously, diving is hugely popular, so much so, there's a World Cup dedicated to it! The Fédération internationale de natation or otherwise known as FINA does the same. The FINA World Cup is held every four years and features divers eager to go for glory from all corners of the globe. 

Divers are trained to gain a perfect control over their body. Despite gaining the perfect control over their body, they're unable to control their facial expression during the dive. So, we at WittyFeed would like to show you 15 images in which divers made hilarious faces.