Being Lesbian Is Not Ugly And Ellen DeGeneres' Anniversary Post For Portia Proves It

They're in a lesbian relationship for more than nine years.

"Being her wife is the greatest thing I am." - Ellen DeGeneres.

Anyone who'd read these words from Ellen can say, 'she's so much in love' and what's more beautiful to notice is that these words have come out on the ninth anniversary of her marriage with Portia De Rossi.

It's a lesson for people who're straight and 'claim' that being lesbian is ugly. Today I ask them with this story, have you ever loved your partner the like these two do?

On 16 August, Wednesday, the 59-year-old talk show host Ellen DeGeneres took to Instagram to wish and celebrate the ninth year of togetherness with Portia De Rossi.

Looking at their understandings and views about each other, it's not hard to judge that both of them understand each other inside out, and know each other far better than anyone else in this world.

The black and white picture which Ellen shared on Instagram is breaking the internet.

Have a look!