Don't Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand

Deliver content which is in best of your audiences' interests.  


Believers and non-believers of the internet, here's something I'd like you to read and watch. 

You might have garnered some/a lot of audience across various social media platforms, each one of them having their own set of strength and weakness. But honestly, are you really doing justice to these platforms? Or vice-versa? Or are you serving your audience with what turns out to be in best of your interests and not your audiences'? 

Here's something you need to know. If you are a brand already, or a budding one, build your brand's philosophy and let it romance with the social media platform in a manner that it sells. There are viewers judging you silently, make your brand and content visible. Understand the psychology of your consumer and serve them as per that. 

And as Gary Vaynerchuk has rightly stated, "Don't Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand."