What A Dog Means When It Follows You To The Bathroom And Does Other Strange Things

They can't speak, that's why their gestures are very important!

You are lucky if you own a pet and luckier if it's a dog. I wanted to pet a dog since as long as I can remember and my mum never let me because she thought, it'd be another big responsibility on her and I would simply not take care of the little puppy. Yeah, a lot of us share this story!

Dogs are probably the kindest and most selfless species to have existed on the face of the earth. And if you have one in your house, consider yourself serendipitous. A dog will be loyal to its human owner, no matter what comes and what goes, it'll always be by your side. All it wants in return is a little love, care, and affection. Since they can't speak like humans do, a lot of times, we miss out on understanding what are they really trying to convey. But they never fail to understand us, do they? They always figure it out whether you're dancing in elation or crying due to a broken heart and they will always be there for you, in the good, bad and worse. Shouldn't you also be there for him when he needs you?

Here are 10 dog signs and gestures which can help you understand your pet so much better!