30 Paintings That Look Real But Are Not What You Think

They will simply blow your mind!

Lori Gilbert first picked up a paintbrush somewhere in 2010 as a part of an introduction to a painting class. As it appears, Lori who studied at Canisius College, Buffalo, New York started to paint and never looked back, mastering the art of paint. She didn't stop after completing the initial painting class and went on to improvise on the skills learned. She went on to embrace the skills to an extent that she started to receive painting commissions and now makes a living out of it.  

"The best compliment is to have my viewer wish to be present in the manifested mythical realm that I have painted. I always hope to inspire anyone with a passion for fighting for their dreams and be invigorated by the possibilities world can offer."- Lori Gilbert. She now excels in acrylic paintings and we bring you a collection of 30 paintings made by her.