Only 1 In 1000 People Can Solve This Viral "1 + 4 = 5" IQ Puzzle

Do not be puzzled by your logic! Think closely...

When I say puzzle, it comes from a word 'pusle' which means confound or confusing. It was basically created to as a means to 'toy that can test one's ingenuity'.

And thus, one very viral puzzle that was posted on Facebook earlier with the claim that only 1 in 1000 people can solve this or even figure it out. It soon came out as one of the biggest controversies and has now got over 3 million comments from around the world.

Maybe you might not know about this question or you may have come across it while scrolling on your social platform. While you may be wondering why I'm here with all this story around one puzzle? Well, because I fall in that 1 in 1000 category who figured it out in the first time with correct logic.

But, I challenge you to solve it in the first attempt and get the answer matching with mine. I know, you have become much curious to move to the question. So let's start.