10 Mosquito Repellent Plants That Will Make Sure To Keep Bugs At Bay

Natural pest control in your hands.


The onset of summer equals an exodus of bugs in your living room, some in the dark corners of your kitchen, and some furtive mosquitoes too that manage to sneak their way into your bedroom. As if the heat was not punishment enough, now the infernal insects have found their way to your residence!

Defeating the armies of the nuisance makers can be a piece of cake if you bank on mother nature to bail you out. Yes! Now you can utilize the flora around your house and the ones inside as well, as bug repellents and your natural oxygen filters. Be it the annoying flies rubbing their pincers as they eye your fruits with 100-compound eyes or the annoying, singy-songy mosquito that sneaks into your house in the dark of the night; there is a natural answer to culling the whole lot of them, with a green weapon.

Listed below are some plants that keep your house cool, oxygenated and foremost of all are an amazing hygienic and cost-effective natural pest control solution. Not only do these repellents run no risk of bringing your children or pets in close contact with toxic chemicals and fumes, but they also overhaul the aesthetic appeal of your residence.

Don’t garnish all that basil on your flatbread pizzas already, some of them may be the very reason mosquitoes do not bother you at the dinner table! Yes, basil leaves are pungent to mosquitoes and deter them from foraging for fresh blood-veins. An entire basil plant in a corner of the household will do the trick!