41 Thought Provoking Paintings That Will Force You To Think Beyond Limit

The collection is amazing!

A picture speaks a thousand words, heard of it? It's highly unlikely that you wouldn't have heard that ever. There's a reason why people say that after looking at a masterpiece created by an artist/painter. An artist is able to express all the feelings s/he wanted to express through that one landscape or canvas, and the emotions running through your body turn out to be immense and were never felt before. 

One of the best parts of any kind of art is that one precisely and today we chose to make you more familiar with the creations David Irvine. David who is an accomplished painter chose some brilliant ideas and turned them into vibrant colours which now speak a thousand words. 

The collection of 41 such paintings which you're about to see project a different approach displaying the unseen side of the world you live in and the vivid imaginations of David.