These 20 Disturbing Art Illustrations Show How Effed Up Our Society Really Is

What's wrong? Well, art will show clearly...


A great quote by Jacob Nordby: “Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, artists, mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”

A perfect thing indeed. I wonder how some things or phenomenon that are implausible for all of the human beings in the society, often serve as a good catch for the artists. While you may never hear their words, their actions, portraits speak vociferously to the audience, and that's why we all love them. Their work speaks more than a thousand words that have ever been echoed by a speaker on a podium.

I've found some really amazing arts by a few painters and artists that'll surely leave you spellbound, and you know why? Because these are not something new, you'll come across today rather the harsh reality of life and the society we live in and face every day. It's riveting how these artists catch up the splash in the material and present us in a whole new frame just like the old wine in a new glass. Let's take a tour of these immensely impressive art illustrations by the artists.