Aladdin Remake Is Now Accused Of Racism After Addition Of New White Actor In The Cast

The release date of the film is affected.

Your wish and it's Disney's command, but now it seems that everything has changed, and there's no Genie and Aladdin role play anymore.

On July 15, 2017; Disney had shared a fantastic news with the world at D23 Expo at Anaheim Convention Centre in California near Disneyland. It had released the pictures of three lead cast members of its upcoming live action remake of animated series, Aladdin and the crowd was all head over their heels. Tweets, posts, almost all the social media platforms and mainstream media were filled with that nostalgia, Aladdin and Jasmine are coming back.

But, who'd have thought that fate will take such devastating turns, and Disney would need a real Genie to complete the production of this film?

Yes, Disney is accused of hiring only 'white prince' for the movie. As some critics suggest, this will 'white wash' the film and the theme would lose its essence.

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