Candid Illustrations That Show How Disney Princesses Would Look Like, If They Lived In 2017

When fantasy meets reality...

Ever wondered how would your favorite look like, if they lived in the 21st Century. What qualities would they possess? Will they be as beautiful, as innocent and as out-of-the-fairytales, as we have an image of them. Well, this artist, Fernanda Suarez has dared to rack her brains and to reach out for real in this fantasy-drenched world. She dared to bust the fancy around the Disney princesses and has come up with their reality-struck illustrations, to show Disney princesses as millennials.

We are in love with the detailing of each princess that Fernanda has showcased. So intricate and so communicative, a rare piece of art, that has been brought to life with all the passion and hard work. She has illustrated so meticulously, so as to show even the streaks of her 'weaker half' of the imaginative world. Here, she has shown fire in the eyes of each princess and we are stumped at the hip, present-day fashion in which she has clad her princesses.

Have a look at the reality hit illustrations.