Disney Announces Its Cast For Aladdin And We Already Can't Wait To See The Film

Your wish is my command!


You wish and it's Disney's command, and it is successfully granted!

Disney shared the amazing cast news at Disney's fan convention, the D23 Expo, at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California near Disneyland. 

The studio proudly displayed the pictures of its three lead cast members, and the crowd was entirely head over their heels. People were wild and cheered extremely loud when Disney revealed the name of an actor who'll be playing the character of Genie.

Recently it was reported that the studio is struggling and having the problems in casting the perfect actors for three primary roles in the film. And people around the world started making their guesses when it was out that the production company is looking for an artist who is in his twenties and can sing, act and dance. Especially, the man of Middle Eastern of Indian descent.

Slumdog Millionaire's actor, Dev Patel, was also considered for the role, but it turns out that Disney has found its perfectly matched cast members and you'll be in the best of your moods after knowing it.

Have a look!