Did Donald Trump Win the Elections Using Your Facebook Data?

Millions of dollars were paid...


It's 2018, and we still aren't over with what happened back in 2016 in the United States. Of course, I'm talking about the Presidential elections. The victory of Donald Trump is still somewhat of a shock to the entire world. 

With his incoherent speeches, hateful remarks and promises of THE wall, it is a bit confusing as to how he managed to win. We all have heard of Hillary Clinton's claims about the Russian intrusion in elections, but something new came to surface. There are some claims that over $9 million was paid by the Trump campaign to get access to voters' data. Interesting, right?

Social media has become a part of our lives in such a way that we can't even fathom it being used in such a way. Well, take a look at this video to know about this and two other stories...