Ever Wondered Why The Default Drive In Computer Is Always C? 

Mystery solved!


Technology this day has not simply incorporated our lifestyle but has become an un-expendable part as a necessity in our lives. Encountering these gadgets, like a million times, something about them still remains a tad bit of mystery.

You probably would have known the answer to this if you were a computer engineer or from an IT background. For those majority who don't know why the default drive is always the letter C and not an A or B, keep reading this post.

If you still don't know what we're talking about, go to 'My Computer' on your desktop or laptop and check out your storage drives.

For nearly as long as hard disk drives have been placed on personal computers running certain popular operating systems (notably MS-DOS/Windows), the primary hard disk has been designated with the letter “C”. But why? Let's find it out!