The Fashion Designer's Definition Of Love Beyond Money Is Ruling The Internet

Here's everything you need to know.


The daughter of Malaysian tycoon was born with three continents, lavish homes, private jets, and massive bodyguards at her service, it was the four years of multi-million-pound divorce hearing between her parents that blew her mind off.

But, if you had all of these and you'd know that you're 'soon-to-be' heiress, will you even think of leaving everything behind for the sake of a guy who doesn't even have a job? Well, you might get emotional and say YES. But darling, life is not a fairytale!

You can fall in love, but when it comes to building a relationship (which her parents failed to do) for a lifelong time, it takes sacrifice and patience; because no amount of money in the world can do that for you.

In today's world, where most of our time is spent on social media 're-living the loop every day,' we make a lot of promises but how many of them do we fulfil in reality? I'll not comment on this.

It is said that a real love story never dies and Angeline Francis Khoo, heiress of Laura Ashley proved it true by giving up all her wealth to marry the man of her dreams.

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