These Twin Sisters Bounded By Flesh Were Harassed In A Way You Can't Imagine

They died on different days. 

Let us start by talking about conjoined twins. Well, they are twins who are joined inside the womb of a mother. It is an exceedingly rare phenomenon, and more such cases have been seen in Southeast Asia and Africa. But the most famous case of conjoined twins came from England in the 1900s after the birth of Hilton sisters, Daisy and Violet. 

At the time of birth, it was considered that separating the girls would result in the death of one. Daisy and Violet were born on 5 February 1908, and unlike most conjoined twins they only shared blood circulation. Both girls had their own organs. The twin sisters became famous in the 1920s, but their life was not as easy as you think. 

Let us know more about the unusual and tragic lives of Daisy & Violet Hilton.