These Cute Baby Elephants In Action Will Make Your Day

Cuteness level = super high!

Despite being mammoth in size and incredibly strong, elephants are usually known to be affectionate and peaceful creatures. It is sad to note that their existence is in danger with poaching/ivory trading and habitat destruction taking a toll on them. 

Today, we are going to share some uber cute pictures of baby elephants or calves that will make you fall in love with them. Before you begin scrolling through the cuteness, here are some interesting facts about elephants you would love to know. 

Elephants are born after staying inside their mother's womb for 22 months. They weigh around 250 pounds at birth and can measure up to three feet in height. The calves do not leave their mother's side for the first couple of months and depend on their mother's milk for a minimum of two years; you may find a few of them feeding on their mother's milk for up to ten years.