14 Creative Job Adverts That Will Make You Wanna Apply for Them

Recruitment ads that are crazily creative and alluring.


Joblessness is a phase in life that pretty much breaks a person apart. And while people often seem to complain about their jobs incessantly, they don't speak about the harms of being on a couch, sitting unemployed. And when you are on the lookout for a job, what exactly are you looking out for?

More importantly, what if you come across a job advert that just speaks to you, on what you want - on a deep, personal... and on a creative level. Someone should send cookies to those who make these recruitment ads so creatively attractive, that even the ones who already have a job give a thought to apply for these. (So much for employees' loyalty.)

So, here are a couple of examples of the most clever job adverts companies came up with, that almost step out of the billboards to talk to you.