11 Honest Confessions Of FRIENDS Actors That Will Leave You Surprised

#8 Raises a debatable point. 

We have all seen a lot of TV shows that we grew up with. FRIENDS is one such TV show that we all adore. From Joey's madness, Chandler's sarcasm and Monica's compulsiveness, we've seen it all. 

All the characters had their own quirks and strengths that were unique to them. Also, they were widely relatable to everyone who saw the show. I can't count how many times I have uttered the words: "I would've done the same!"  

But just like we feel attached to the show and its characters, same goes for the actors as well.  

The actors who played important roles on the show made honest opinions about their characters. Some were funny as hell and some left you shocked.   

Have a look at some honest confessions from the FRIENDS cast.