Comical Illustrations By This Artist Will Make You Run To Your Dad & Hug Him Right Away

This is a divine relation.


A father is always the king of his daughter's heart, and it doesn't matter that there will soon be a prince for her too! But, the relation between a father and daughter is divine, it is of care, of love, of silly fights, of possessiveness and of him being her first HERO. 

He is someone she looks up to, for herself and for her future life partner, too. He sets the benchmarks for the other half of his daughter. She wants him to be as caring and loving. A father is a provider, a protector, a teacher, a friend, a disciplinarian and a patriarch. He is the one who sets the moral standards for his kids. Here are some amusing comical illustrations by the illustrator and graphic designer Cheyan Lefebvre, under the name Tall N Curly that will revive your childhood memories with your dad. Of getting irritated every time you are asked to stop doing something. While young, we tend to misunderstand the compassion and the care to be unnecessary shackles, only to face the vices of the society after we grow!

Let me tell you, he at least has one thing that you do not necessarily have and that is EXPERIENCE, something that you will gain only when you are his age!