19 Celebrities Who Were Caught Picking Nose, Eww!

#11 is certainly not a macho act.   


Let's admit that all of us have an annoying habit that we prefer not to display in public. From burping to knuckle cracking, from biting your nails to picking your nose, all of these are human habits.  

But imagine you did these in public and later realised that you were being looked at? Embarrassing, right? 

Now imagine if our favourite celebs do that? Imagine seeing your favourite celebrities picking their nose. Weird, isn't it?   

And if you can't picture that disturbing image, we at WittyFeed present to you celebs who were caught picking their nose - in public. And the result is - the whole world got to see them. 

Take a look. 

If you don't find your favourite celebrity in this list, you can feel glad. But if you do - try getting that image out of your head. *Evil Laughter*