Did You Ever Think Who Can Give Billionaire Bill Gates A Run For His Money?

Is Bill Gates not the richest?


I remember learning about Bill Gates, even before using a Microsoft product. Not because of his business at all, in fact, but because of his wealth. Bill Gates’ wealth has defined his public image longer and deeper than his contribution to the world of technological advancement. The man is worth some 88.9 billion USD by himself, making him a real-life Tony Stark, who strangely is richer in humility than the latter, as well.

People often debate that there are those richer than Bill Gates, that there are numerous spurious lists that do not share the same candidate names, despite publishing the same list. 

What many do not realize is that the wealthy do not procure wealth to top lists but to feed an addiction. And like any other addict, nobody wants to give up their addiction or their supplier.

Given the synonymy with wealth, people throw around Bill Gates’ name casually but seldom realize that whatever he has, is legally earned money, even though your copy of Windows may not be legal. *wink*