20 Things About Donald Trump's Family You Need To Know

A lot is at stake! 


US President Donald Trump has been in limelight for everything. Whether they are his controversial decisions, tweets or his wealth. His business, his way of talking, his elections, his politics have also been in news.  

Recalling one of his incidents, once in an interview with Playboy magazine in 1990, he had said, “statistically… children of successful people are generally very, very troubled…”

So what do we refer from this statement? Are his children in trouble? 

Donald Trump has a big family. Most members of his family are talented and charming. But with two divorces, five children and billions of dollars to handle, Donald Trump would not like to reveal much about his children's life.

WittyFeed makes an attempt to find out lesser known details of Trump family.  

Have a look.  

Source: Wikipedia