18 Interesting Facts About Chris Evans That Might Surprise You

#17 reveals Chris' ultimate goal!


Since his breakout role as Johnny Storm in ‘Fantastic Four’ the actor, director and producer Chris Evans have become famous for playing key roles in movies adapted from comic books. Masculinity has become a trademark for the ‘Captain America’ superstar but the tough acting star has a softer side to him that might surprise you.

Born in Boston to an artist director Lisa and dentist Robert Evans, Chris is still a Boston boy at heart and for Evans home is where the heart is. Even at a young age, Evans knew he wanted to act and often participated in school stage productions. His mother’s job at the youth theatre and his acting experience in school plays convinced Chris Evans further to pursue a career in the acting field and we are so glad about it.

Here are 18 interesting facts about the blue-eyed heartthrob Chris Evans.