35 Celebrities Who Actually Go By Their Middle Name

Is your favourite star on the list?


Everyone chooses to go with their first and last name, both personally and professionally. Yet there remain a few who chose to use their middle name and make it big. If you think you know everything about your 'favourite star' then you need to think again. Because your favourite could be on this list of 35 celebrities who do not go by their actual name. Shocked? Well, that's actually more or so a fact. 

Not every celebrity actually likes to go by their birth name, some choose pseudonyms, some just change their names. But this list contains people who have actually used their 'middle name' throughout their careers and you probably haven't even realised it. Well, no worries, we have just rounded up most of them that you will be surprised to learn about, who have been lying to you all this while. (Just for the name) 

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