27 Times Celebs Didn't Care How They Looked At The Grammy  

Rihanna to Katy Perry, nobody cared what they were wrapped with!


One of the major aspects we look up to the celebrities for choosing fashion trends is that they are the best at it. They know what to wear, when to wear, and how to wear it. Not always does this come true, though they have a team of designers and people who help them with the trendiest clothing out there; it seems that they don't follow their pieces of advice. Where do all these celebs flaunt the dresses? Award shows.

You all know Grammy Awards, and you also must be knowing it's not just another award show. The most celebrated show where celebrities go crazy and not only in the way they perform on stage but also in the way they dress-up. The following compilation of celebrity pictures who attended Grammy dressed up like not only insane but also shut down the rules of fashion. 

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