Friends Broke Into Michael Jackson's Home And Found Shocking Decors

These are some disturbing images.    


Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of the greatest singer - songwriters of all time. Often called the King of Pop, MJ has written some of the greatest songs and lent music to them. He was an eccentric dancer and best entertainer the US produced. Michael passed away in 2009 due to drug overdose and left behind a legacy to be celebrated for years to come.  

Michael's home, the Neverland Ranch, which also served as an amusement park lies abandoned and no clear owner of this property has emerged to claim it.

Four friends broke into Michael's Neverland Ranch in search of some answers. And what they found out in there was quite surprising. Michael surely had a dark past. From facing allegations of sexually abusing children to undergoing plastic surgery, there was a dark phase in Michael's life. Four people who were friends got inside Neverland Ranch and discovered something for which they were not ready.