Captivating Photos Of Breastfeeding Women. A Beautiful Step Towards Women Empowerment

"Every milky goddess out there deserves to feel like one"

"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth" - Pamela K. Wiggins. If giving birth and spending sleepless nights were any less of a challenge for a new mum, feeding their little one/s is a feat altogether. And I am not talking about feeding the baby in the comfort of your home; I am trying to draw everyone's attention to breastfeeding in public places. Women have often been obnoxiously looked upon with disgust and shoved with filthy comments if they are found sorting out their little one's hunger pangs (in public) in the most natural and healthy way possible.  Why is that a woman's breasts are treated as nothing more than an ornament or seen as a trigger towards attracting the opposite gender? Despite the endless debates on breastfeeding in public, the stigma around the subject doesn't seem to fade, and it is for this very reason that a mother of two utilised her photography talent to empower women about breastfeeding, but in the most beautiful way.