Can You Guess The Name Of Female Pop Stars' Songs From The Screenshot?

Do you remember these scenes?


Female celebrities are everywhere. They are ruling the film industry as well as the music industry. Every now and then we hear that Taylor Swift or Katy Perry's videos have crossed a billion views on YouTube. 

All the ladies in the pop industry are continuously producing many great songs and videos. The videos are fascinating, and no matter how many times we watch them we never get bored. Some of them have set a milestone in the history of the music industry. 

It is often said that a song becomes immortal when their meaning is conveyed with the help of a video, and that's true because no matter what happens we always remember the video scenes of these songs.

If you love watching pop music videos, I am sure that you will be able to answer the name of the song looking at their screenshots. 

So take the quiz and also try to answer every question.