This New Bizarre Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Is Going Hell Viral On Social Media

The crazy trends of the internet.

China is a vast, amazing, and a captivating country to live in right now. It seems to be a mixture of unusual old traditions and new advancements, many of which are equally strange as this country has never got tired of its bizarre culture.

China is famous for keeping its people closed as the majority of the social media websites are blocked in that nation. On the contrary, it has built its networks that keep the population connected socially.

For instance, the entire world uses Facebook, but the leading social network in China is

However, recently it was reported that new social media craze had taken toll of Chinese women, in which, women are making heart shapes with their breasts. The trend is still prevailing on the internet in China, where women are sharing their heart shaped buxom bosom on Twitter like social media network, Weibo.

Have a look!