Why This Coffee Is Named Bulletproof Is Spinning Internet's Mind (Video) 

Healthiest coffee!  

Down the lane was this coffee house, the hub of all coffee lovers, where I first heard this word, 'Butter Coffee'. 

''Absurd," I said to myself. "How one can add butter in coffee. It is just like adding salt to tea, knowingly."  

But being a coffee lover, my taste buds prompted me to have it. And after having a sip, I exclaimed, ''God damn! This is lip-smacking". I was startled that how an odd combination can have such a mouth watering taste.  

But well, wonders do happen! 

My curiosity led me to undertake research about this Bulletproof Coffee, which for your information is the trending name for butter coffee.  

According to US-based The Health Journal, this coffee has major health benefits. Liked by celebrities from Shailene Woodley to Ed Sheeran, butter coffee is replacing the regular cup of morning coffee.  

Let's know more about it.