These Ten Horrible Creatures Created By Science Are Damn Scary

Do you have guts to watch the number one?

If you’re here, that surely means you’re interested in the scientifically created species, but you need to be courageous and brave enough to see them, because they may not fit in your ‘cuddly-wuddly’ criteria. 

Every year, scientists create hundreds of crossbred animals for varied reasons, the creepy creatures which we cannot ever imagine to exist in the world around us. We all have seen healthy and trained dogs, but how often do we come across zombie dogs? Or let’s say, a rat who has a human ear on its back? Yes, they look as disgusting as you just imagined. Today, scientists have succeeded in creating creatures of all types, but with a twist. And we’re here to bring all those twists and turns that turned creepy. Have a look!