You Won't Believe These 11 World Records Made By Bizarre Human Bodies

You may have never come across these people!


The human body is full of wonders. Just when we set a limit for our body, someone comes forward with an incredible, new body record. 

Sometimes it’s the thrill, sometimes it’s the challenge, while at other times it’s just an abnormality which enables a particular human body to break the records and set new limits. And so, some weird records are just too bizarre to really wrap your head around. Besides the fame, why else would you get pierced thousands of times, or grow your fingernails so long they're unusable?

Well, for whatever reason, there are some world record holders that specifically use their body as a means of gaining fame. Some of these people are frightening, some are fascinating, and some are just impressive. And not necessarily for fame, the reason may be that their abnormality is natural.

Here I've compiled some of those bizarre human bodies that have made it to the world records. Take a look and just think for yourself which one impressed you the most.