12 Amazing Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist In The World

Ever known about a boy with 3 extra vertebrates in his neck?

What were you when you were a kid? Ahh, hard to remember those days, right? But, I'm sure your parents must be well aware of all those things you did in your childhood. 

But I bet here; you must have done nothing like the kids I'm going to show you today. They are more than just usual. May it be taking their conditions, diseases, talents or any other thing that they have achieved at a very small age. Could you even think of being a body builder at the age of 8 years? Or rather can you go on to complete a marathon over seven continents? I have no idea what you think or not. Atleast, in my childhood, I only had the idea of every cartoon that will be telecasted on specific timings on Cartoon Network and nothing else.

What? Don't laugh! I had some talent at that time, though not as good as these kids. Jokes apart, I've brought here a rundown of some of the unique kids from all around the world that have some special qualities and talents.

Let's take a look!