BFFs Recreate Their Childhood Memories And The Pictures Will Make You Smile Wide

Friendships that lasted through thick and thin...


Friendship is not limited to who has been with you in your celebrations and mourning; it is also about who has been your partner in crime in class bunks, late night escapades, partaking in embarrassing situations (in fact it is more about who put you in that situation), peeing in the swimming pool together, helping you get ready for your first date and so on and so forth. This list is almost like one helluva roller coaster ride (endless) that people who have been friends for a long time will relate to and instantly have all those memories flash before their eyes.

Whether it is about laughing ear to ear on trivial matters or just pretending to listen to boring lectures in class, strong friendships have enjoyed and endured it thoroughly, respectively. Fortunate are those who have found some one/more than one, who match their frequency and stand with them through thick and thin. 

These are the friendships that raise the bar higher and higher and give us some serious, and sometimes not so serious, friendship goals.