10 Simple Kitchen Makeover Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Manage your weight with these easy to do kitchen things.


When it comes to losing weight, you know the catch, right? Eat less, move more, repeat. 

Losing weight is quite a miserable experience for most people but what if you could shed pounds by making small changes at home and in other places where you spend your day? Brian Wansink, author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life has explained various things related to health in his book.

If you look at the people who do dieting, they try to become slim by will power. They try to resist every single thing, you know what that means? Avoiding every single food that causes obesity. The problem of becoming slim by will power is its a 24/7 sort of job, it’s never ending, explained Wansink who is also the director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

What we find is that by simply changing our immediate environment, it ends up leading people to mindlessly eat less. And this mindless eating is what frustrates the most and let people gain weight. Why not have a solution to this by some simple kitchen tips that we sometimes miss out on? Let's take a look.