A Collection Of Birth Photos Of 2016 That Are A Blend Of Pain & Happiness

Giving birth is a rebirth in itself.


Keep your tissues handy for these birth photographs will trigger the emotions in you. While drafting this piece, I couldn't help but allow a tear roll down my cheek, being drowned in the sentiments of the moment of giving birth and the eternal beauty of the process. 

From those efforts of pushing to let the baby out to bearing the labor pain to the mother looking at her baby for the first time, it is completely an overwhelming scene. Lucky are these photographers who have the opportunity and the privilege to snap the right moments through their lenses. 

This is a collection of birth photographs from the past year and is as moving. They have captured the instances of ecstasy, satisfaction, relief, and pain, too. With husbands by the delivering mother's side and those small tokens of love exchanged in all these fragile moments reflect just how beautiful a blessing human life is.

Have a look at the photographs to go down an emotional trail. All the strength to you.