This Belly Art Will Definitely Spice-Up Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

These bellies are just too adorable...


As awesome as this trend is, there are so many things that can go wrong with belly art, such as tacky ideas and bad quality paints. But there are ways when you can use the right things and make that mommy's belly look amazing. 

Now, you might be thinking that only celebrities like Mariah Carey or others may be fueling the painted belly trend, but that's not the case. Every day moms are on board with this trend too. For some moms, a beautiful bump is a blank canvas just  waiting to be painted with amazing, hilarious, or downright adorable designs. And believe me, everyone has their own ideas to let their bellies be painted with colors and things they love.

Have a laugh or get inspired to create your own belly art with these pictures that I've gathered of the painted bellies. If you are looking at showcasing your own belly, please gain some tasteful inspiration from the following rundown that I just couldn’t help but share.