15 Before And After VFX Scenes Of These Movies May Change The Way You Watch Films

Let's go back on the sets of classic films.


If you're here, then you probably already know that a lot of movies are created these days, using the technological tools to enhance the cinematic experience which you get while watching the films in a theatre. However, we often overlook the amount of hard work, blood and sweat these filmmakers and actors put to bring a particular sequence, scene or a character to life.

Surely we all know that the tiger in Life of Pi wasn't real, and Avengers is an entirely fictional series; but when we're watching these films, do these thoughts still hit us? We guess no, and that's all because of special effects. It's an amazing feeling to know that movies are digitally manipulated to the extent that we can't even imagine.

So, we at WittyFeed decided to compile the list of fantastic movie scenes which were manipulated.

Have a look!