These 15 Before And After Images Of Mad Men Characters Can Confuse Every Fan

What a change!


It has been nearly 10 years since the first episode of the American TV drama series - Mad Men went on air in 2007. The world watched the series for eight years and became crazy about it. The show ended in May 2015.

Many of us also want the show to start again but there is no news of the new season or the revival of the show.

Matthew Weiner created the show, and Lionsgate Television was the producer. It was the show which was set in the 1960s, and Don Draper which was portrayed by Jon Hamm, was one of the lead characters. 

Mad Men gained incredible popularity and was also one of the most critically acclaimed shows. It received 16 Emmys and five Golden Globe Awards. 

Here, we bring you images of how the lead actors of the Mad Men look now compared to when they appeared in the TV show.