10 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For Your Health

Why are chewing gums good?   

We all have received slaps on our hands while biting our nails by our mothers, or our fathers scolded us while we were fidgeting. All of these and many more of such activities have been put under the tag of 'Bad Habits'. But honestly, are they? Are they really bad, or is there a good side to them? Can you believe that picking the nose and eating it is good for you? It sounds awkward but it is true.  

And let's face it, each one of us has one or more such habits that are said to be 'bad'. But even so, there is not much to worry about.  Experts have revealed that they can be beneficial to some extent. The Sun has listed some of such human habits, and you will be surprised to know how they benefit health.  

So, why wait? Check it out and explain them to your parents!