Second Teaser of Avengers: Infinity War Sees Superheroes Prepare for the End

Thanos, be ready because superheroes are coming. 


When the first trailer of the Avengers: Infinity War arrived, everyone was eager to know which superhero will be facing the aftermath of Thanos. But, recently Marvel Comics gave a twist by releasing a 30-second teaser at Sunday's Super Bowl LII. The teaser is packed with action, and we can say that it will be the darkest and the most interesting Marvel movie. 

Well, I just said, darkest and you didn't even give a shit! Come on, let's face it, that some superheroes are going to die. I mean, it is the beginning of the end, I don't know who, but yes, be ready to grief.

For now, let us jump to what the teaser has to offer.