10 Autocorrect Fails That Prove Technology is Out to Ruin Our Lives

Autocorrect causing funny texting fails that will keep you laughing.

When the messaging service was probably invented for cellphones, they wouldn't have taken into account the screw-ups any future developments would cause. But the truth is, the misunderstanding in these SMS is caused by the ONE THING that was supposed to resolve it - AutoCorrect.

It is a double-edged sword. Though it helps us to make sure what we write has fewer spelling errors, there have been many occasions when it unintentionally changed the entire mood or context of a conversation with our friends and family. 

Frankly, I correct Autocorrect more than it corrects me. And if this doesn't convince you, then these autocorrect moments fails will provide you with some laughter, along with proving the point that I'm making. Take a look: